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Why Our Church?

There are a lot of churches out there. We get it. So, why ours? As a whole, the United Methodist Church is a big umbrella meaning in any given worship service, there are people who vote differently, read the Bible differently, sing differently, look differently, express their love differently, but all want to love God and love their neighbor in as faithful a way as they can.


You can look around to see the other ministries that we’re involved in but to sum it up: we truly want to “love thy neighbor” so we focus on those nearest to our church and how we might be the love of God to them. 

The average age of our congregation is in the mid-60s. We have married people, single people, widowers, and divorced people. We have some people with homes and some people without homes. We truly believe that we are ALL the body of Christ. We strive for worship to be a time for us to gather and focus on God in whatever way that might be for us with no barriers. Most people dress casually, though you really can see anything from leggings to jeans to suits on special Sundays. Wear what makes you comfortable.  


You’re going to be loved when you walk in the door. People will be glad to see you, to sit with you (if you want them to), and to offer a place for you exactly as you are. Church of the Good Shepherd United Methodist is a place where you enter a stranger and leave a friend. 

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